Deposit Heritage Pasture Raised Pig (balance of payment required at pickup)



This is a deposit to reserve your whole, half or quarter hog order. The balance of payment will be calculated based on the final dressed weight of your order. The estimated final cost of a whole hog is $1600 to $2000. The estimated final cost of a half hog is $800 to $1000. The estimated final cost of a quarter hog is $400 to $500. Our Ossabaw Island hogs have been processed at a USDA inspected facility. They are packaged in Cryovac and frozen. Final cost will be $7.00 a lb plus butcher fees, which are: $85 a pig harvesting fee $1.30 a lb. for individual Cryovac packaging of each cut (shoulder, ribs, ham, etc.) $1.30 a lb. for packing sausage into links $1.00 a lb. for sliced bacon $3.75 a lb. for smoking (bacon, ham, etc.) If you have any questions, please call or text us at 860 967 0203 or email us at High Silo Farm

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