This is a deposit to reserve your quarter hog order!

The balance of payment will be calculated based on the final dressed weight of your order.

The estimated final cost of a quarter hog is $400 to $500. We have Ossabaw Island hogs that are being processed 5/30/2024 at a USDA inspected facility. They will be packaged in Cryovac and frozen. Final cost will be $7.00 a lb. plus butcher fees, which are: $85 a hog harvesting fee $1.30 a lb. for individual Cryovac packaging of each cut (shoulder, ribs, ham, etc.) $1.30 a lb. for packing sausage into links $1.00 a lb. for sliced bacon $3.75 a lb. for smoking (bacon, ham, etc.)

If you have any questions, please call or text us at (860) 967-0203 or email us at